The Original Family Storytelling Game Out of the Caribbean for Families Around the World - 10% Profits to Charities for Caribbean Grandparents - LIMITED EDITION - UNITED KINGDOM - FREE SHIPPING - Available Worldwide in 2021

Our Story

We come from Trinidad and Tobago, an English speaking, multi-cultural, twin-island Caribbean country. Given our complex history, our culture and language have a variety of influences: Amerindian, African, Indian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Syrian, Lebanese and others. Imagine the stories that jump out when we get together with family and friends !

We grew up entertained, inspired and empowered by the most amazing stories. We created this game to inspire others to tell their own stories and have fantastic fun with family and friends.

Start telling stories and before you know it, surprises, secrets and hidden history all start jumping out !

Stories of love
Stories that excite, empower and enrich
Stories that make us laugh and make us cry
Stories of strength, resilience and hope
Stories that shock and entertain
Stories from our ancestors
Stories from our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents
Stories from our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

As we say in Trinidad and Tobago
“Mouth Open, (S)tory Jump Out !”.
... and donʼt forget yuh 'famalayʼ-- itʼs about more than just blood.
One Love 
Keisha and Penny